Thursday, March 6, 2008

Girls Weekend!!

I was fortunate enough to get a weekend away with two of my greatest girlfriends a couple of weeks ago. I met these women during my pregnancy and we all had babies within four months of each other. Let me tell you, raising first time children for almost two years can really be a bonding experience!! I LOVE them so much and cannot express how much more fulfilling they have made my life as a mom.

Our weekend plans included lots of shopping, eating, and just hanging out. We went to Gilroy to experience the Gilroy Premium Outlets. That place is 145 stores of discounted greatness. Being mommies we mainly bought things for our kids, but a stop at the Garlic Store also had a couple of us carrying more bags.

Besides the shopping and talking, probably one of the best parts was eating grilled cheese sandwiches and fries at midnight in the Black Bear Diner. Yummmmmmm!

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful husbands for holding down the fort!

This was at breakfast on Saturday, we are so happy to be FREE!!
Kristen, Danaly, Me!

This is after eating our midnight meal. We were so tired we couldn't stop laughing... and posing.

What, is there something in my teeth?

This pic is begging for a caption - why don't you give it one in my comments :)



Kellyry said...

Girl's weekends are great!

Caption idea for the photo..."Good vs. Bad" Your expression is so innocent as if you just thought of going roller skating while your friend's expression is more naughty, as if she just thought of having a party when her parents are gone and inviting boys over...

Danaly said...

Aaaaaw, Good times, good times!

kristen said...

Our photo caption: "Oops, we're hot!" (If I don't say so myself!)