Monday, March 31, 2008

We have arrived...

Darren and I have started our four day vacation in Newport Beach! We
have a two bedroom suite that is bigger than our first apartment...
Crazy. I decided to moblog our adventures when I saw dar light up
like a christmas tree talking about Disneyland tomorrow :) he has
always wanted to eat at the restaurant inside pirates of the Caribbean
and we have reservations at 12:40 for lunch - you'd think he won the
lottery :)

Noah is safe at home with nana and papa and we are so thankful for

Ok gotta eat, check back for updates!

1 comment:

Kellyry said...

Have a wonderful time!

(After years of wanting to eat at the Pirates restaurant I was finally able to a few years ago. It was fun and I remember the rolls being really good. Enjoy!)