Thursday, March 13, 2008

Make a mental note.

Here's a little advice... Never, and I mean NEVER, under ANY circumstances, ask a woman if she is pregnant. Unless you have reliable information, or she is wearing a shirt that says "baby" on it with a big arrow pointing down - then don't go there.

More importantly, do not ask this question while eagerly looking at her tummy!

The quickest way to deflate a woman (or make her feel like she has an inflated belly!) is to ask her this question when she isn't pregnant.

Just trust me on this one!

the one out looking for gym memberships


Carrie said...

Oh Kim! That is TERRIBLE! I have to say, I have not yet had to endure this particular type of unwelcome comment, but I have several friends who have (who were VERY clearly not pregnant) and I even watched someone do it here at work a few months ago - this woman even touched the non-pregnant (and non-married) woman's stomach as she asked! I was mortified just watching it happen. I'm so sorry this happened to you...from your pictures, you look fantastic (as always)!

Kellyry said...

Oy. Seriously, people! Really?! Why they'd ever think that was a good idea is beyond me.

Kori said...

Oh no!!
I agree with Carrie, you always look fantastic!

Kim said...

I feel bad for my friend who said it because my face dropped so fast! It must have been how I was holding Noah or something... yeah, that's gotta be it... not the creamy caramel eggs I scarfed down the day before ;)

Pam said...

It must have been how you were holding Noah. All the pictures I have seen of you, you look so skinny. I agree with everyone else, you look fantastic.

kristen said...

Ok, well at least she didn't ask, "Are you sure???"