Sunday, September 11, 2011

Camping with Michelle Obama

A few weeks ago Noah and Daddy decided to have a campout in the backyard. Using said campout as an excuse, daddy went and bought a 3 room tent! It will certainly make it nice when the four of us go together someday!

We started off the evening by roasting marshmallows of course. This is Noah's favorite thing to do. There were a few fire emergencies but we managed.

Mommy's vs. Noah - Yes, he asked if we could trade. And yes, we did :)

Noah super excited about his big tent room. He let us know that Michelle Obama was coming too and was bringing all of her sleeping stuff. We thought it was nice of the first lady to stop by! One day when Noah was talking on his pretend phone he said "Oh hello BarakObama... yes, uh-huh, okay, is Michelle there too? Okay, we'll be right over" Apparently all the lights at the White House went out and they called on Noah for help. He's handy that way.

Goodnight Noah!


Carrie said...

Cute! Noah looks so happy!

Carrie said...

Noah looks so happy in these photos - super cute!