Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why you shouldn't take your child into Party City.

Because you would basically be bringing them into a NIGHTMARE.

Skinned bodies hanging from their spines, heads on stakes, demons and red eyed skeletons moaning.

This is the kind of stuff hell is made of.

Noah ran out of Richard's crafts the other day because of the decorations at the front of the store. I love that my 5 year old is still APPROPRIATELY responding to gore and evil the way a 5 year old should. I never want him hardened and insensitive to this. It is dark and it bothers me how so many people "celebrate" with these things - along with their children much of the time.

That's my two cents - and it's my blog so I get to share it :)


Danaly said...

that is horrible! thanks for the heads up. I always forget how bad it gets around this time of the year.

Leslie said...

I totally agree. Ella, Erin and I went in a few weeks ago. We quickly walked past the Halloween aisles as I mentioned "This is just some dumb fake plastic stuff, let's go see the Balloons!" Thankfully I was able to get her past all that without too much attention to it. And when we found a barbie balloon on clearance she was happy staring at that while we finished shopping. ... All our Halloween decorations are cutesy and I like it that way- nice looking black cats, pumpkins, etc. But the neighbor down the street always does his front lawn SCARY so we try to avoid it on the way to park. :) Glad we think alike!... I don't even buy my kids the pirate stuff that has skulls or crossbones on it.

Carrie said...

Super creepy - I agree!