Friday, September 30, 2011


Following along with some of the blogs I read, I may start posting "Insta-Friday" posts, which are basically pics from my phone fancied up with Instagram :) I use my phone a lot to capture random things so I think it will be fun!

Noah chose this place on dad's truck to place his extra Transformers decal

"Faith, don't get wet because I don't have a towel or clothes for you"

Fun idea from my niece to add food coloring to shaving cream and have the kids paint in the bathtub. It was a HUGE hit and didn't seem to stain my children or tub! I just have to remember to wash their hair and bodies FIRST since I can't really do that once the water is gray with shaving cream paint...

Noah got to ride on "Bernie" at a children's fair - which also happens to be his grandpa's name

It takes two superheroes to help a stalled car - Supergirl and Patch'n Power guy (more on that in another post)

life rearranged


Denise said...

i use to make shaving cream paint for my kids when they were little. they LOVED it.

happy friday.

The Morris Family said...

Looks like a fun week especially with the shaving cream idea, haven't heard of it but sounds like a blast for little people!!!

Enjoyed looking around!!!

Mama Mote said...

The superheroes caught my eye. Very cute. Glad they were there to help. :)

Carrie said...

Cute, cute :)
It's nice to see a picture of YOU too :) You look great!! (of course!)