Monday, September 29, 2008

Anyone ELSE know what a herpetologist does?

Darren and I were at a marriage seminar with Gary Smalley this last weekend. During one of the sessions he was talking about snakes. He was saying that people that don't believe snakes are good or interesting are afraid of them, but those people that study them and enjoy them aren't. During his talk he asked out "what are those guys called? the ones that work with snakes?" and some guy busts out with "herpetologist!"

I wondered in that first second - who in the heck knows that kind of information? And in the next second I realized - hey, that guy's voice was right next to me.... wait a minute... that was my husband!

Somehow, Darren knows everything. I have to admit it, finally. I mean, c'mon, the guy knows herpetologist.

And now all of us do as well :)

**as a side note, Darren discovered the exact discipline of studying only snakes is actually called Ophiology. Herpetologists study reptiles and amphibians. But we already knew that.