Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 50 years mom and dad!

Saturday we had the great privilege of celebrating my mom and dad's FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY. Wow. Because they were originally married by a Justice of the Peace, we wanted to give them a real wedding... and it was amazing! Dad looked so incredibly handsome and mom looked beautiful. Surrounded by 115 of their closest friends and family, I think this may have topped their original ceremony :) All of us kids worked hard to make it a success and were so pleased that we pulled it off. Here are some pics from the night

(Photography by Cathy Breslow)

The bride enters on the arm of my older brother, Greg. Doesn't she look happy??

I love that the photographer caught the "groom's face" as he watches her approach


Get a room!

My brother opened up the reception and made everyone laugh - and the laughter continued through the night as friends shared their stories on the open mic.

Mom got some new bling for 50 years

Jennifer and Jill made this amazing cake - and it was delicious!

A legacy and family I am blessed to be a part of


Kori said...

That is really cool!! What a great celebration!!
I love the 'bling' picture!!

Congratulations on 50 years!!

Anonymous said...

we are blessed! What a great night. Everything was perfect. love Helen

The Paynes said...

Ah, how beautiful!!!!! What an amazing family you guys are!! It makes me want to have four or more kids! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

carolina clan said...

Give your parents my love and tell them Pami and I will never forget our memories of "growing up" with your family. Yours was our 2nd home...we love you guys:) Congrats to 50 years!

Pam said...

Ohh Kimmy that is so awesome! I can't believe your parents have been married 50 years already. Tell them congratulations for me. It seems like just the other day we were having a slumber party or heading out for ice cream. You all did a great job.

Love, Pam

Kellyry said...

CONGRATS to the folks! It looks like a gorgeous event worthy of their 50-year committment.