Monday, September 15, 2008

One more reason to love Target...

Even though I have broken my addiction to this store (for the most part) I still have to blog this tidbit of savings that I am celebrating...

We are having a friend/interior designer help us with some renovations as we prepare for our new arrival in December. In addition to that, I have asked him to design a beautiful master bedroom for us. When we moved into this house two months before Noah was born, all we did was hang curtains.... not quite the sanctuary I envision. Anyway, he sent us his plans for the room, bedding, headboard, furniture, lamps, etc. and it is exactly what I want - BUT - almost all of the pieces he picked out are from Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware = $$$$$

I didn't really plan on a $7,000 bedroom... One of the items he picked out is this beautiful crystal lamp. In person, it truly is stunning. In person, it is also $230 on sale.

(not including the shade - and did I mention we need two?)

So, I paid a visit to my local Target store and found this lamp, no it's not crystal... it's lucite. But it looks so similar I could hardly believe it. This picture was taken with my camera phone but you get the idea. This lamp? $39.

Yep, that's a savings of almost $400 :) Yay me!


Kellyry said...

I scored the same way when I was looking for a cheap version of an uber-expensive lamp I wanted. Leave it to Target to knock it off in lucite for all of us budget-conscious! LOVE TARGET!

Kori said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! You will blog it won't you!?!?

Thankfully we are only an hour away from Target :)

Kim said...

I should post before/after pics, because seriously it is going to be a drastic change!