Monday, September 1, 2008

The opposite of goodbye

The logic of a toddler amazes me. I love to watch the wheels turn in Noah's head as he figures things out. For example, he knows that we don't go outside without shoes - so, he has taken me to put my shoes on, then his - and THEN he asks me to take him out.

One of my favorite things he has figured out is that hello is the opposite of goodbye. However, what gets me even more is the context in which he uses it. If Darren is going to put Noah down for bed, but he reeeaaallllyyy wants mommy to do it, he will push out his quivering bottom lip, work up his best sad voice and say "hello mama... hello mama..." If grandma and grandpa are over and he doesn't want them to go home he will say "hello nana.... hello grandpa" (or Bernie as he's taken to calling my dad these days). You get the picture. If Noah doesn't want to say goodbye, then his logic tells him that if he just says hello, then maybe you won't have to leave him. It is one of the many endearing traits that makes Noah... well, Noah.

We love it.


Pam said...

That is sooo cute. Noah is thinking creatively.

carolina clan said...