Friday, October 14, 2011


Linking up again for InstaFriday - pics from my iphone fancied up with Instagram :)

Yummy snack for our homeschool lesson on Nest

What happens when you forget that you have your daughter's tiny hairband around your wrist

"Look mommy a shark!"

A craft for our lesson on Apple - a basic family tree :) That's our best friend Jenny hanging from the bottom branch

Noah in our homeschool co-op learning about Mexico - loved the sombreros!

life rearranged


Jonnique said...

Love the nest and jelly beans...will have to try that our around Easter time!

The Morris Family said...

onsterLove all the homeschool fun and crafts you all did!! The family tree is sweet!!!

We homeschool too! x19 years!!! :/ I would not do it any other way but it certainly has it challenges!! :)

Happy weekeend!!!

Danaly said...

I am in love with your family tree!! Love that Jennifer's smiley face is in there :) Praying for Him to be glorified through your words tomorrow!