Friday, October 28, 2011


I love Instafriday so much that it is Thursday afternoon and I'm getting the post ready! I always take pics with my phone, so to be able to make them look cool and share them is awesome :)

The kids hamming it up for Jenny

Faithy: "I can't wait to show daddy that I'm swinging!"
She will actually ask to have her picture taken

Working on transforming Noah's firetruck into an Alameda Sheriff's car - more pics to come on Halloween!

Jeans and leopard print slippers.
Yeah, being a stay-at-home mom pretty much rocks.

Two words: yummy goodness

LOVE LOVE LOVE having a hubby that works from home and can sometimes join me and the kids on a walk to Starbucks. LOVE IT.

Faith wouldn't ride the horses at Del Osso because they didn't "go around and around and around"...
Fortunately the horses at Joan's Farm did so she was happy

Noah and I lost in the corn maze. I really am the worst person to send into that situation! We were at Joan's so it was a smaller maze than the others - which was good.

Noah wanted a pumpkin with round eyes and a jagged mouth. When I was done he said "but it doesn't look how I thought it would... I wanted him to be scary!"
So I offered to give him some mean eyebrows. Mission accomplished. Client satisfied.

Faith wanted her little pumpkin to be a pirate :)
She carried it around for two days until we discovered mouse poop in it from being in front of the house - so now it's an outside pirate.

Officer Noah reporting for duty

life rearranged


Grace said...

that sherriff's car is AWESOME!!!
and those apples are to. die. for.

Danaly said...

I'm loving the leopard print slippers! Faithy's pic in the pink dress is stunning. She looks so much like me, it kills me!

TDM Wendy said...

Those apples look delicious. And Mr. Policeman is adorable.

Kim said...

hahaha Danaly I'm pretty sure you mean me, or Darren - but she might have some sassy puerto rican in her :)

Carrie said...

Love it! You have some beautiful kiddos there :)