Friday, October 21, 2011


Keeping with my new faux-photographer tradition and linking up with Instafriday :)

We went to the kids museum in Sausalito this week. The kids both had a blast, especially since nana and papa were visiting, daddy took the day off, and Jenny joined us

This week also included a trip to Del Osso - they were out of caramel apples (boo!) but I made up for it with fudge (yay!) Here's Faithy after she got locked up for being too cute

The kids enjoying the jumpy houses

Noah on the tower of tires (I suppose that's stating the obvious) ;)

If you are wondering what the most amazing words to hear in the English language are, besides "I love you", they are when your best friend says, "Why don't we get bunk beds for my house" so both kids can enjoy sleepovers there. You can bet we got right on that!

life rearranged

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