Sunday, October 9, 2011

Newport Beach here we come! Again, and again!

A couple of years ago we took the family to Disneyland and stayed at the Newport Coast Villas in Newport Beach (a Marriott Vacation Club). It was beautiful and we felt so spoiled! It had enough room for all of us and was complete with kitchen, cooking supplies, washer/dryer - everything we needed. The Resort even has a "kids club" for older kids to get involved in.

Darren and I attended one of the meetings you can go to for information on this timeshare. We learned that one week per year at this resort would cost us over $32,000! As persuasive as our little salesperson was, there was no way we were going to do that. God had already been teaching us about debt and only buying things that we could pay for on the spot. But oh, to dream! I could easily imagine us spending a week there every summer with the kids enjoying the beach, the restaurants, the mall, the pools - everything!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago... we were contacted by a friend of ours who had a friend who was looking to sell their timeshare. You can guess by now where it was - Newport Beach! The exact place we wished we could have! And the price? Hold on to your hat. A one time payment of $1,000.00. Yes, one thousand dollars. For a week each summer at this amazing place - for the rest of our lives! We are also able to trade it for a week in one of 50 other locations like Tahoe, Hawaii, or Orlando (can you say DISNEYWORLD?)

We are beyond stoked and giving God all the praise and thanks for such an amazing blessing. We have proven faithful to Him in remaining debt free and following what we feel like He has been teaching us, and I feel like this is just a huge blessing from Him. Thank you God!


Danaly said...

woohoooooo!!! What a deal! I love it. Dave Ramsey would be proud of you guys :) - Danaly

Carrie said...

WOW!!!! Can I say that again??!!?!
WOW! Totally amazing! I love to see God blessing you and your family in such beautiful ways. What an incredible gift!