Saturday, October 27, 2007

My dream has come true!

After following his music for the past 20 years, I finally got to meet Little Rocker in person!! I met up with him on his north american tour and he was just as amazing off stage as he is on stage! I think he even looks taller in person :) I was shocked when he agreed to come with me to a Halloween party at a friend's house - he has such big muscles from lugging his amp around to stand on. Oh, and he signed my shirt!!!

The other man in my life, Noah the lion, charmed all passers by at a pumpkin patch this morning :) Almost every person walking by commented on his costume and his cuteness - and I thought I was just making a last minute decision at Old Navy! He rode a horse for the first time, and giggled at goats licking his fingers as they ate pellets from his hand. Of course I looked down to see Noah pulling his hand out of his mouth, a sign that something has just gone in... like... a green pellet. Ew! It came out a little mushier than it went in but we got most of it out. A little extra fiber I guess.

See Ya!!

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Kellyry said...

Your costumes are AWESOME! Fun!