Thursday, October 11, 2007

Noah's new stove

After watching Noah go up on his tippiest of toes to put our small pan on the stove, I decided to get creative. I grabbed a box and quickly drew on two burners with a permanent marker. It definitely isn't a kitchen up to the standards of Gordon Ramsey (I believe he would yell "shut it down!") but our little chef was pretty impressed. And the sauted letters weren't half bad!

We will have to get him a little kitchen of his own for Christmas. Yes, we are already thinking of Christmas! We have already ordered the plush set of Handy Manny and his tools. Handy Manny is a cartoon we watch during Noah's snack time. Or as he calls it "NACK!" and then follows it with "ManNEH ManNEH!"


Kristen & Colby said...

Impressive!! You are totally becoming one of those moms who gets featured in Parenting magazine for being all innovative and stuff.

Lucy's Mama said...

YAY!!! Bloggin' again!!