Monday, October 15, 2007

Good times :)

Noah has started doing some pretty cool things lately... For starters, he now signs "again", "help", "apple", "hungry", "hurt", "cookie", "cold", "book", "Juju" (the letter J twice) and "medicine". That makes his total signing vocabulary at least 16 words!

As far as talking, in addition to what I've already blogged in the past, he now says all done, apple, bless you, thank you (upon prompting), pray, cookie (dokie), light, waffle, water, again - and so much more! It has been amazing to watch him turn into this little person. This morning when I was kneeling at his crib playing before I took him out I heard this hmmming and looked up to see him stepping up to my face and bringing his lips toward mine for a kiss. I gave him a kiss and he ended with "mwah!" This is the first time that he has initiated affection like that toward me, without me saying "give mommy a kiss". It melted my heart!

Here are some pics from the last couple of days:

He loves to get into my make up bag - this is after he pressed my compact to his face.

Eating his first apple by himself

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Kellyry said...

MY GOODNESS! He is going to be a lady killer! He's adorable, Kim. And go baby-sign! My sister is teaching my niece it and I love that she can communicate basic things to us without screaming her wants instead.