Friday, October 19, 2007

Tumbling Time

We tried out a tumbling/trampoline place this morning. It was hard work! I think I got more exercise than Noah! It was great because Darren and Jennifer were both there so we could all enjoy Noah's experience together. I haven't decided yet if the class is a bit advanced for Noah since it involves standing still in places and attempting hand stands against the wall - but the running around was great. Next week I am trying the gymboree class for his age group to see which one he enjoys more.

(you can see Kristen and Reid smiling in the background)

Imagine running around with a wool turtleneck and scarf on, that's what it felt like with my hair!

Noah has been conked out now for two hours - he yawned no less than three times just in the short drive home so he was beat!

And now moving on to random stuff....

If you are ever looking for something, check in Noah's drawer...

Super cute pic of my super cute boy!

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